You Already Have Your Best Approach for Digital Marketing

You Already Have Your Best Approach for Digital Marketing

Hey, I am Surbhi. Digital Marketing Specialist by profession. I love what I do, and it is what has kept me going in all that has transpired around the world. 

The world has gone through a paradigm shift. Businesses have been forced to take a hard look at themselves and transition to a more digital platform to reach their clients and to continue to exist as a business. 

As a digital marketing specialist, I have made it a huge priority to keep tabs on this conversation with multiple businesses. The most common questions are: how do we transition to the digital platform? How do we create our brand and presence, when so many that are already flooding the internet? 

Here is my first recommendation: Be personal.

Don’t sell the service or product, because the market is flooded with them. Instead, sell yourself as the face or brand ambassador. That’s what will really sell. Be honest, personal and connect - especially on social media. Share your story. Your experiences, your knowledge. It will truly help you connect with your potential clients. It may sound daunting to some to share yourself instead of just pushing a product, but this also means the work is already done - you have already been developing yourself for decades, building invaluable experiences and worldviews that you can now utilize for your brand. You already have the key for your business - the key is you.

As I said, the digital world is in demand more than it has ever been. And it excites me to see the demand and the innovation that has taken place. All these questions have opened doors to new and innovative conversations. They are challenging situations and it is what has motivated me to find creative solutions with my clients. 

Do I lose my focus? Definitely. Just like most people, I had challenging times keeping my motivation and persevering. My approach when this happens is taking time to rest and regroup. 

My strength is looking beyond the horizon to things that are to come. I am open to new opportunities and experiences in different forms. And why not? You only live once, right? 

So I do what challenges me, excites me or piques my curiosity. And ultimately, this helps my clients, those who are in need of these digital marketing strategies.

First of all, pursing the challenging and exciting adds to my knowledge of the world around me. It helps my clients, who are from different walks of life, to find connections and understandhow they can orient themselves for this new world. On my part, I’d like to connect to you, understand your unique products or services and make recommendations for your digital presence. If you don't already have a solid plan for how you will mobilize your business and how you will market it, you may want to prioritize learning and understanding your options!

To continue to hope and dream is what will give us the strength to keep going. That’s what I truly believe, and so I work and continue to grow as a person and a profession - living my life with passion. There is always the hint of adventure which keeps things interesting.