Is Your Business Skipping the Most Important Steps in Sales?

Is Your Business Skipping the Most Important Steps in Sales?

Is Your Business Skipping the Most Important Steps in Sales?

Have you ever had a great sales experience? We’ve all had truly terrible ones. Can you pinpoint what made the good ones good? Probably not. It’s more about the feeling you got, isn’t it?

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they have a thing they love doing and they just want to make money doing that thing. So many don’t realize that without sales, there’s no money. 

Sales has such a negative connotation. When I told my family I was taking a job in sales my dad said “Why would you want to spend your life manipulating people?” 

Sales is a process. When you learn it - and if you’re in business, you need to - it can be fun and natural for everyone involved.

There are four steps in the buying process - the steps that everyone likes to go through in order to buy something. They aren’t consciously aware of it.

The steps are trust, need, help and hurry

Sales becomes salesy when we skip the first two and go straight to help and hurry. We’ve all experienced it.

I have no idea what your problem is (because I haven’t taken the time to ask you any questions about you or what you need) but I have the solution, it will fix everything and if you buy now, you’ll save 70%.


Trust and need are the first two steps for a reason. 

I spend 90% of my time here when I’m having any kind of sales conversation. 

Trust is hard to build and easy to destroy. People assume trust. Just because you’re an expert at what you do, doesn’t mean that you’ve earned anyone’s trust. I once bought the same car on the same day from a different salesperson because they never stopped talking. Not once did they ask me anything. I spent my thousands elsewhere. 

Need is all about the problem - and truth be told, if people knew their problem, they’d just google and find the solution on their own. Asking great questions and solving the problem they don’t even know they have: that’s sales and relationship magic. When people feel that you understand them, and that you know how to get them to where they want to go, well - who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

I was not a natural salesperson. Quite frankly, I was so terrible I was put on probation at first. I had to learn the language and build the muscle. With a whole lot of practice and coaching, I won salesperson of the year in 2016 and started training others.

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Elaine Turcotte

Sales for the Solopreneur