Our group consists of professionals who are looking to broaden their business relationships and increase their business profitability. 
In turn, they are willing to assist other business owners with support, guidance, and direction in perfecting their brand.  
Group membership is profession-based, and we offer one membership, per professional for the term of one calendar year. 
If a profession offers a specialty, we will consider allowing two-professions in that field.  
Membership is not a requirement to attend our events or referral networking meetings.


Connecting is the key to growing our businesses.  We meet monthly to engage with new members and reconnect with existing members.

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Why Choose Us

  • Networking

    Meet with Ladies who are building growth through business relationships and referrals.

  • Mentoring & Training

    We can always learn something new to implement in our businesses and proceed in the right direction.

  • Collaboration 

    Working alone can be difficult but having a resource of Ladies in different skills makes it easier.

  • Referrals & New Clients

    Build growth with a team marketing your business to prospective customers or clients.



:: Anita Woodward “Networking for the Ladies has been a boon for my business on so many levels. I have found clients, suppliers, mentors and friends through the group. Lisa facilitates the group, bringing the networking to the next level, ensuring that everyone who needs to be connected with someone gets that introduction. I have been actively campaigning to the women entrepreneurs in my social circle to join the group because I fully believe in the power of these women.”  


:: Blaire Rennie“I have had the pleasure of being a member of this wonderful group for a few years now and it is by far the most supportive, helpful and positive collection of business women that I meet with. If you believe in the power of referrals, are looking to expand your network and share your connections this is the group to do it in!”


:: Lois Ratts“I always meet interesting and talented women business owners when I attend this group!"


Become an NWFL Member

If you hold the desire to connect and would like to expand your network, increase your sales, and grow your business, then please click on the 'Becoming A Member' link below! 


Thank you for your interest in Networking for the Ladies. Please use the form if you would like to:
- connect directly with the group founder- require additional information about the group- would like to discuss membership- need more details regarding an event
We appreciate your feedback.
~ Lisa Ryckman, Group Founder




We are always looking to add to our team of partners and better enhance our members’ experiences with the group. If you would like to join us in this mission, contact us today!